Melting Ice and Rising Seas: Combating the Climate Crisis in Alaska

Site Objective
  • Understand why climate change is a crisis -- an imminent threat to the survival of ecosystems and human livelihoods -- and bring this idea back to California

  • Understand how people’s livelihoods, ecosystems, and economies depend on the local environment

  • Gain a sense of urgency, tools for advocacy, citizen science skills, and a broader understanding of the climate crisis by working with community partners

  • Explore how preventative conservation can combat the climate crisis

  • Site Name: Melting Ice and Rising Seas: Combating the Climate Crisis in Alaska

  • Site Topic: Climate Change and Environmental Awareness

  • Location: Anchorage, Alaska 

  • Cost: $300 (Scholarship Available)

  • Dates: Saturday, March 21 - Saturday, March 28

  • Planning to take: 10 Participants

  • Community Partners: Alaska Native Heritage Center, Kenai Watershed Forum, Friends of Alaska National Wildlife Refuges, and others

  • Transportation: Flights and Rental Cars

  • Housing: Church or Airbnb

  • Site Leaders: Sarah Payne & Joanna Yang

*Logistics are tentative and subject to change. 

Site Leaders' Message

Get your winter coatzzz ready! We (Joanna and Sarah) are so excited to be exploring the climate crisis this spring break, hopefully with you! We’re heading to Alaska! It may be very cold, but there is no better place to experience the urgency of climate change than in the gateway to the Arctic, where temperatures are rising twice as fast. In Anchorage, we will focus on conservation and impacts of the environment on local culture and livelihoods. We hope to bring these insights back to our campus and Los Angeles, where the effects of a changing climate differ but are just as impactful. We can’t wait to meet you all!


- Sarah Payne & Joanna Yang

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