Orange is the New Black: The Modern Day Fight for Civil Rights Against Mass Incarceration

Site Objective
  • Examining mass incarceration and its historically systematic impact on low-income communities and communities of color

  • Exploring how public health and mental health can be impacted by incarceration. Investigating accessibility issues to address one’s health while incarcerated, especially in light of drug abuse and sexual abuse

  • Addressing how prisons prepare prisons to be incorporated into modern society and what channels are set up to facilitate their return.

  • Site Name: Orange is the New Black: The Modern Day Fight for Civil Rights Against Mass Incarceration

  • Site Topic: Mass Incarceration

  • Location: San Francisco, California

  • Cost: $100 - $120 (Scholarships Available)

  • Dates: Saturday, March 21st - Saturday, March 28th

  • Planning to take: 10 Participants

  • Community Partners: Insight Prison Project, Center Point, Prison Literature Project, Homeboys, Justice Project, Center Force

  • Transportation: CSC Vans

  • Housing: Church or Airbnb

  • Site Leaders: Emmi Deckard & Sue Han 

*Logistics are tentative and subject to change. 

Site Leaders' Message

You see it on the news, watch it on Netflix shows, and hear about it in rap hits but have you ever considered the lives affected by mass incarceration? This spring break we (Sue and Emmi) will be traveling to the Bay Area to learn more about America’s criminal justice system. Only miles away from the notorious Alcatraz and even closer to the oldest prison in California, San Quentin Prison, the topic will come alive. Whether is be about race, drug abuse, mental health, or educational rights of prisoners the widespread ramifications of mass incarceration are undeniable. After learning and reflecting, we will return to Los Angeles, a hub of crime and gang life, with a new understanding and spirit of activism.

- Emmi Deckard & Sue Han 

Alternative Breaks at UCLA

405 Kerckhoff Hall

308 Westwood Plaza,
Los Angeles, CA 90095

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