Destigmatizing Mental Health: Ending the Silence Around the Taboo

Site Objective
  • Examining the stigma that surrounds mental health and how it affects the rate at which people seek mental healthcare

  • Seeing how the area holds events to create a sense of community around mental health

  • Examining the area’s demographics and the undeserved communities and their access to mental health resources

  • Site Name: Destigmatizing Mental Health: Ending the Silence Around the Taboo

  • Site Topic: Mental Health

  • Location: San Francisco, California

  • Cost: $90 (scholarship available)

  • Dates: Saturday, December 14 -- Saturday, December 21

  • Planning to take: 10 Participants

  • Community Partners: PEERS, Local elementary schools, Community Behavioral Health Sciences, Counseling Centers

  • Transportation: CSC Vans

  • Housing: Airbnb

  • Site Leaders: Quynh Vo & Cindy Ngo

*Logistics are tentative and subject to change. 

Site Leaders' Message

Hi everyone! Quynh and Cindy here, and we are super excited to be leading this trip. We will be traveling to San Francisco this winter break to learn about mental health! Mental health is an important factor in one’s health, and it can often be overlooked and stigmatized. Our goal this trip is to learn about mental health and its resources, serve the local community of the Bay Area in combatting the stigma, and bringing back the knowledge we have to Los Angeles to overcome the stigma. And don’t worry, we’ll also have lots of fun and great memories along the way!

- Quynh Vo & Cindy Ngo

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