Our Nation’s Parks and People: The Long Struggle For Environmental Rights
Site Objective
  • Understand the importance of the National Park Services and environmental rights, while observing how they protect the land and nature as well as the Native Americans who reside in the surrounding areas.

  • Explore what gets considered when policy makers finalize decisions on laws and regulations regarding nature, land, the environment and people.

  • Learn about large scale environmental issues National Parks face like resource extraction, but also smaller scale issues that we can help change such as ways of preventing pollution and learn how to bring those skills back to our community.

  • Observe how other people and cultures treat the environment and view nature including those who don't have easy access to natural areas like the National Parks.

  • Site Topic: Environmental Rights

  • Location: St. George, Utah

  • Cost: $120 (Scholarship Available) *if trips are virtual, no costs associated

  • Dates: Saturday, March 20 - Saturday, March 27

  • Planning to take: 10 Participants

  • Community Partners: Utah Department of Environmental Quality, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Kaibab Paiute Indian Tribe and Reservation, Red Cliffs National Conservation Area, The Nature Conservancy- Utah

  • Transportation: CSC Vans

  • Housing: Tent Camping

  • Site Leaders: Liz Andrusenki & Natalie Quah

*Logistics are tentative and subject to change. 

Site Leaders' Message

Hey!! We’ll be exploring some of our nations protected natural wonders to learn more about the tensions and impacts that our society has on the environment such as resource extraction and different types of pollution. Since the creation of the National Park Services there has been a fight between presidential powers and our parks for environmental rights to protect the land. These areas were created specifically to protect nature and culture and unfortunately, we will see the negative affects of this struggle on the land as well as discover how this fight and the way we treat the environment has affected Native populations surrounding America's most popular National Parks who see nature in a different way. So get your hiking boots ready and join us as we learn how to balance the protection of the land and culture and capture it's natural beauty before it's too late.