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Winding Roads


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Alternative Spring Break was started in 1991 in an attempt to promote hands on community service within UCLA by immersing volunteers in an environment away from UCLA for the week of Spring Break. Twenty volunteers were selected to participate that first year. Throughout the winter quarter the volunteers worked on confirming the sites as well as projects that were to be done during the break. They organized the entire trip, but most importantly they educated themselves on the issues facing the two project sites: Tijuana, Mexico and Teesto, Arizona.​

At the sites the volunteers not only applied what they had already learned, but they also learned and experienced a great deal more by interacting with the people from those communities and more importantly, by working beside them. Upon

their return, some of the volunteers were so moved by their experiences that they immediately decided not only they would return to their sites, but that they would improve the program as well.

From two sites since 1991 in Tijuana, Mexico and Teesto, Arizona, we have expanded to ten sites, two winter break sites and eight spring break sites exploring issues that range from conservation, food injustice, homelessness, and immigration rights. As of the last four years, AB has established a committee within CSC that upholds our mission statement.


Since 1965, USAC CSC has focused its efforts towards creating social change, understanding the greater Los Angeles community, and promoting campus-wide service programming. CSC represents 33 student-run community service projects that work to tutor youths and adults, address the health needs of ethnic communities, combat poverty and homelessness, and reach out to incarcerated youth and neglected children. CSC projects strive to provide communities with the tools to empower themselves and challenge the structures and barriers that keep them from achieving their goals. The commission also aims to

centralize the service efforts of the UCLA campus community through issues awareness, collaboration, Alternative Breaks, and large-scale service programming. 

2022 - 2023 SITES

  • Feeding the Future: Sustainable Farming and Food Systems in Seattle [Seattle, Washington]

  • Orange is the New Black: The Modern Day Fight Against Mass Incarceration [San Quentin, California]

  • Earth and Mind: Green Space Accessibility and Mental Health Opportunities [Phoenix, Arizona]

2021 - 2022 SITES

  • Wildlife Conservation: Preserving Biodiversity Along California's Coast [Monterey, California]

  • Dead Last: Overspending and Underserving in the American Healthcare System [Boston, Massachusetts]

  • A Tale of Two Countries: Narratives Among the Border [San Juan, Texas]

  • Raging Hormones: Addressing the Intersectionality of Policy and Healthcare in Hormone Inaccessibility [Atlanta, Georgia]

2020 - 2021 SITES

  • The Canyons of Time: Uncovering Environmental and Indigenous Rights of our Past, Present and Future [St. George, Utah]

  • Melting Ice and Rising Seas: Combating the Climate Crisis in Alaska [Anchorage, Alaska]

  • A Tale of Two Countries: Narratives Among the Border [San Juan, Texas]

  • Orange is the New Black:The Modern Day Fight For Civil Rights Against Mass Incarceration [San Quentin, California]

  • Land of the Forgotten: Rural Poverty [Athens County, Ohio]

2019 - 2020 SITES

  • Winter Sites

  • Spring Sites

    • Melting Ice and Rising Seas: Combating the Climate Crisis [Anchorage, Alaska]

    • Count Them While You Can: Preserving Wildlife Within Our Borders [Phoenix, Arizona]

    • Orange is the New Black: The Modern Day Fight for Civil Rights Against Mass Incarceration [San Francisco, California]

    • The Lost Youth: Understanding the Causes and Solutions for Youth Homelessness [Seattle, Washington]

    • Bring Up Our Youth: Education and Children's Opportunity [Oakland, California]

2018 - 2019 SITES

  • Winter Sites

    • Exploring a Model Green City: Sustainable Development in San Francisco [San Francisco, California]

    • Rainbow Mental Health: Where Are The Resources? [Central Valley Road Trip]

  • Spring Sites

    • 94974: The Roadmap from Slavery to Mass Incarceration [San Quentin, California]

    • Animals Outta Predicaments: No Kill Advocacy at Best Friends [Kanab, Utah]

    • Bridging Animal and Human Rights: Finding Justice in the Coachella Valley [Coachella Valley, California]

    • Deconstructing Disabilities: Accessibility in the Capital [Washington D.C.)

    • Need for Accessibility: How the Twin Cities Deliver Specialized Mental Health Care [Minnesota]

    • Protect and Preserve: Environmental Conservation at Joshua Tree National Park [Palm Springs, California]

    • SEA-ing the Connections: An Exploration of the Root Causes & Determinants of Homelessness in the City [Seattle, Washington]

    • We the People: Co-building Native Sovereignty and Wellbeing [Wyoming]

2017 - 2018 SITES

2016 - 2017 SITES

2015 - 2016 SITES

2014 - 2015 SITES

  • Majority within Minority: Exploring the Cycle of Affordable Housing [Downtown Los Angeles, California]

  • Environmental Conservation [Grand Canyon, Arizona]

  • Animal Welfare [Kanab, Utah]

  • After Katrina: Building a more Sustainable Future [New Orleans, Louisiana]

  • Through the Eyes of the Marginalized: Confronting Community Health Issues in the City [San Francisco, California]

  • Immigration Rights [San Juan, Texas]

2013 - 2014 SITES

  • No Kill: Helping our Companions at Best Friends Animal Society [Kanab, Utah]

  • Melting Pot: Food and Nutrition in the City of Angels [Los Angeles, California]

  • NOLA Rising: Urban Renewal after Katrina [New Orleans, Louisiana]

  • Sidelined in the City: Exploring How a Community Addresses Health Disparities among Marginalized Populations [San Francisco, California]

  • Food for Thought: Combating Hunger and Homelessness in the Nation's Capital [Washington DC]

  • Going Wild: Discovering the Dichotomy Between Human Intervention and Environmental Conservation... or is there? [Wind Wolves Preserve]

2012 - 2013 SITES

  • Melting Pot: Food and Nutrition in the City of Angels [Downtown Los Angeles, California]

  • Catalina Island Conservancy [Catalina Island] 

  • Best Friends Animal Society [Kanab, Utah]

  • New City Parish [Los Angeles, California]

  • NOLA [New Orleans, Louisiana]

2011 - 2012 SITES

  • Conservation. Education. Recreation. [Catalina Island, California]

  • A Bug, Dog, Piggy, and Horse's Life [Kanab, Utah]

  • Where Every Life Matters [Los Angeles, California]

  • NOLA [New Orleans, Louisiana]

  • Feeding out Knowledge by Feeding the Homeless [Salinas, California]

2010 - 2011 SITES

  • Death Valley National Park [Death Valley, California]

  • Best Friends Animal Society [Kanab, Utah]

  • New City Parish [Los Angeles, California]

  • Dorothy's Place [Salinas, California]

  • TWO: Transformational World Opportunities [San Diego, California]

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