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Calm Sea



The mission of the University of California, Los Angeles' Alternative Breaks is to provide local and national service learning trips that use education of social justice issues combined with direct hands-on service to have a lasting impact on students and the communities they work alongside. Students are immersed in diverse contexts with concrete challenges that heighten social awareness and inspire lifelong social action.

We strive to equip participants with the skills and values necessary to create a society of globally conscious active citizens who commit to lifelong service. To accomplish this, participants will engage in educational discussions, team collaborations, introspective reflections, and more throughout the school year.


Our 3 component philosophy outlines the goals necessary to fulfill our vision.

Alternative Breaks at UCLA focuses on three main components:



Effective education provides facts and opinions from all perspectives on the issue, including ways that participants’ personal life choices are connected to the social issue.



Programs provide an opportunity for participants to engage in direct or “hands on” projects and activities that address unmet social needs, as determined by the community. Community interaction during service projects and throughout the week is highly encouraged.



During the trip, participants are encouraged to reflect upon the experience they are having, synthesizing the direct service, education, and community interaction. Time is set aside for this to take place both individually and as a group. 

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