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Carla Gonzalez



I am extremely excited to be coming back to AB for my fourth year! *cue tears*! I'm a Sociology major with a minor in International Migration Studies. I attended the Immigration Rights Trip to San Juan, Texas my freshman year and fell in love with AB's mission. I was a site leader my second year on Deconstructing Disabilities in the Capitol. I am excited to be working with my amazing co, Seerat Jajj, and the amazing site leader and board cohort this year. Besides AB, you can find me listening to YG, reading Teen Vogue, and watching baseball, simultaneously.

Seerat Jajj



Hi there! I'm a 4th year Neuroscience major with a minor in Global Health from Scottsdale, Arizona! I am super excited to be Co-Director with Carla this year and meet all the new, amazing participants for this year. I began my AB journey during my freshman year as a participant to the Channel Islands about environmental conservation. In my sophomore year, I led the trip to San Francisco on sustainable development, and in my junior year, I was the Site Development Coordinator for winter sites. In my free time, I love to paint, go on hikes in Malibu, spend time with friends, volunteer with the UCLA Volunteer Center, and try new restaurants in Los Angeles.

Billy Shondy

Student Alumni Liaison


Hey ya'll! Are you drinking enough water? My name is Billy and I care about your ~hydration~. Other than that… I am a 4th year Geography major, double minoring in Urban Planning & Geographic Information Systems. The first time I was involved with Alternative Breaks was when I became one of the first Winter site participants in December 2017. Our team, led by the wonderful Seerat & Valaree, ventured out to San Francisco to learn more about urban sustainability. In December 2018, I, along with my wonderful co, Claire, lead one of the trips in the 2nd ever Winter experience! We touched upon issues pertaining to food justice, immigration, and topics within the intersectionality of both. Now as an alumni liaison, I hope to build a connection between today's participants and past participants of Alternative Breaks at UCLA in order to foster a relationship of lifelong service!

Ellen Renskoff

Fundraising Director


I'm a third year neuroscience major and am looking forward to serving as Fundraising Director for the 2019-2020 school year. My first AB experience was as a participant in Minneapolis/ St. Paul focusing on access to mental health care. Last year, I was a site leader in New Orleans for a trip focused on disaster relief and community rebuilding. I really enjoy the way in which AB fosters a community of students interested in staying educated on the topics that the trips are focused on. In my free time, I enjoy watching and discussing movies, watching dramas, and sleeping. I am looking forward to seeing how AB grows this year!!

Ranali Perera

Finance Director


I am a 3rd year, Financial Actuarial Mathematics major. I joined AB during my 2nd year as a participant where I traveled to North Carolina to learn about the environmental justice movement. I'm extremely passionate about topics concerning the environment and gender-based violence. I grew up in Sri Lanka with my family and moved to America for university. During my free time, I enjoy trying new cuisines and travelling; I've been to 23 countries so far and can't wait to add more to my list.

Rebecca Tan

Recruitment Chair


I am a senior (?!?? sad face :(() double-majoring in Geography and English. My freshman year, I participated in a trip to Sequoia National Park, focused on environmental conservation. After that, I participated in the AB trip to Wyoming focused on indigenous well-being and sovereignty. Then, I led the Ohio site last year with Sarah (we met in Wyoming!) This year I hope to share how amazing AB is with more people by serving as Recruitment Chair! I like beaches (the white sand ones on the Gulf Coast are my favorite), travelling, and good times with friends :)

Michelle Bui

Public Relations


Hello! I am a fourth year, majoring in Human Biology and Society and minoring in Food Studies and Public Health. Growing up, I was raised in Orange County and have visited the Bay Area as well as San Diego, but never the Central Valley until my AB trip last winter in Fresno. I was able to learn about food insecurity by volunteering at the local food bank and serving food at the Poverello House. I also learned about immigration pertaining to kids through the cases I worked at with the non-profit Kids in Need of Defense (KIND). Outside of AB, I love to swim and also do calligraphy as well as knit. I also love to hit up the local dessert places in LA, especially Wanderlust and Salt & Straw.

Carissa Payongayong

Site Development Coordinator


I am super psyched to be part of AB for my last year at UCLA! I am double majoring in Asian American Studies and Geography. I went on a Washington, D.C. trip to learn about disabilities in my second year and led a trip to San Diego to dissect human trafficking in my third year. This time around, I'll be working as a Site Development Coordinator! In my free time, you can catch me watching some good ol' Youtube videos, staring at maps, and baking cookies!!!

Sarah Erckenbrack

Site Development Coordinator


I'm an ecstatic fourth year History major who is looking forward to supporting and aiding the site leaders with their fantastic plans!! Last year, I led AB Ohio, focusing on rural poverty and deindustrialization with my wonderful co Rebecca! I have also participated in the AB trip to Wyoming, exploring sovereign rights within the Northern Arapaho community. In coming back, I wanted to continue to be involved with the mission and family of AB. Outside of being in AB, I love to read, travel,hike, and procrastinate on homework. Fun fact - Dancing Queen by ABBA is one of my favourite songs, although I'm no longer 17.

Diana Tejeda

Site Development Coordinator


Hello, my name is Diana Tejeda and I am a 4th year Political Science and International Development Studies double major! I am from the Dominican Republic and love the experience that UCLA and AB have given to learn about the world around me. Through my journey at AB I have gone to DC to attend a trip on Disability Rights and have led a trip to San Diego on Human Trafficking. This year I will be working with Site Leaders as one of the Site Development Coordinators; I am so excited for this year!

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