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Explore the intricacies and challenges of caregiving

 Dive into the emotional, physical, and mental impacts it has on caregivers and understand the societal perceptions and values attached to caregiving

Understand the gender disparities in caregiving and analyze the socio-economic and emotional implications

Investigate the disparity between care and cure

Care for Caregivers: Illuminating the Unseen Labor in the Care Crisis
  • Site Topic: Care for Caregivers

  • Site Leaders: Chinmayi Mutyala & Lucy Liu

  • Location: San Francisco, CA

  • Cost: ~$100 per participant (scholarships available)

  • Dates: TBD (during spring break)

  • Planning to take: 10 participants

  • Potential Community Partners: 

    • CalGrows

    • Caring for the Caregiver (UCSF)

    • Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health Department (SF)

    • UCSF Health Neurology Support Groups


    • Family Caregiver Services

    • Well Spouse Association

    • AARP Alzheimer's Association

    • ComForCare

    • CaringBridge

    • National Alliance for Caregiving

  • Transportation: CSC vans

  • Housing: TBD

​​*Logistics are tentative and subject to change. 

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